Good News: Our Rocker – Part Two

In my previous post, I talked about how my son Justus played a short tribute to Eddie Van Halen which got posted on social media.

That led to a friend of ours sharing the story with an organization she was aware of: Guitars for Kids. This organization provides guitars for kids who are looking to learn but may not have all the money required for the equipment.

They saw Justus’ video and heard that we were renting a guitar and they wanted to provide a good quality guitar for him. They gave him a really nice Ibanez guitar that sounds amazing.

But it didn’t end there.

They also gave him a couple of amps, plus a half stack. The amount of equipment they gave him is far beyond what we could have provided for him.

Guitars for Kids

But that still wasn’t the end.

The father of the friend who set us up with that organization has a generous heart. He was actually the person who gave Justus his first guitar over five years ago. He loaded up Justus with a bunch more stuff to help in his guitar future. More than that, he was a huge encouragement.

This really has been an amazing weekend. We never thought this would happen from a short video. But it was not about the video. It was about good hearted people who have love for music and a love for kids.

I can speak for Justus by saying that he has had a very happy Thanksgiving!


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