Good News: Our Rocker – Part One

Justus Bedard

This past week, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen died. This was sad for many people. I told our son Justus about this, known that he really looked up to Eddie and loved to learn his riffs.

Justus almost didn’t believe me. How could Eddie be gone? I suggested that Justus should do a short little tribute to Eddie Van Halen out of appreciation for his impact.

Justus went with part of the song Eruption and I recorded it on my phone. I uploaded it to Twitter and Facebook, thinking that a few friends and family might appreciate it.

That’s when things took off.

I was contacted by three different video providers who wanted to distribute the video. I chose one but didn’t know if any media outlets would pick it up.

I was shocked when I found out that it had been posted by Yahoo and MSN, among others. Not only that, Justus ended up getting interviewed on a radio station!

All from this short little video.

This is amazing because Justus is extremely talented and yet completely self-taught. He took a few lessons in the beginning where he learned a couple of chords but had to drop out because he broke his leg.

Every song that Justus knows is because he taught himself it. Of course there have been music teachers in school that have encouraged him along the way.

We are super proud of Justus. He is a gifted young man. He is also very private and it was a stretch for him to put himself out there. But he did great.

Now there is more to this story, but for that you will have to wait for Part Two.


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