Good News: My Co-Pastor

One of the best things about my experience at Queen Street Baptist Church is that I get to work with my wife. While Amanda doesn’t have the official title of “pastor,” she is definitely my co-pastor at QSBC.

She has been a great help in general, especially over this time of COVID-19 and the shift in how we share worship services.

But yesterday, she was an extra help. I had an extremely sore back, to the point that I was having trouble breathing. Every breath felt like a stab in the back.

I knew that I couldn’t lead the entire service myself. So the day before, I asked Amanda to lead the service, while I just preached and concluded the service.

Queen Street Baptist Church

Amanda did a fantastic job. She is gifted at leading worship. It is also encouraging to know that I can ask her at the last minute and know she will do an excellent job.

I made it through my sermon. If you watch closely, you may see some evidence that I was struggling with breath. It wasn’t just because I wore a mask instead of my usual face shield. I definitely couldn’t have done more.

Thank you Amanda for being a great co-pastor. I love working with you!

You can watch the service below.


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