Good News: Family Ties

This week’s Good News is complicated. It also requires some care as I do not want to infringe on other people’s privacy. But it is big news for me and I want to share what I can.

Let me take you back in time many decades. I was raised as an only child. As most of my friends had siblings, I was jealous. I used to imagine that I had a brother or sister out there somewhere.

Fast forward a number of decades. I discovered that my father who raised me (as great as he was), was not my biological father. That sent me on a quest. This was not to find my “real” father so much as to find out if I had any siblings.

I did an Ancestry DNA test and when I got the results back, I found out that I had a half-brother. He had been put up for adoption and had no clues about our biological father.

Still looking for more answers, I did a second DNA test, this time with 23 and Me. After a while I got a notification of a half-sister, one who was raised by our biological father. There were other brothers as well.

Wow. My world had just changed.

I have not met any of these siblings in person. But on Friday, I had the chance to chat over Facebook messenger video with two of my half-siblings.

It went far better than I could have ever have imagined. They are some incredible people, so graceful, considering the circumstances.

I am aware that there are some people that think I shouldn’t talk about this. We should keep the illusion that families are “normal” at all costs.

But I’m not ashamed of my family. My family is complicated but I’m fine with that. I have no harsh feelings toward anyone.

My family has grown and because of that, this is Good News.


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