A couple of months ago, I shared a Good News post about having a video call with a half-sister and half-brother that I had never met.

Last week, I had a chance to video chat with another half-brother that I had never met. In fact, he was the first of my siblings that I ever was aware of.

He lives in the United States and so we visited for American Thanksgiving. I got to meet his family and he got to meet mine. It was a lot of fun.

Seeing our faces side-by-side on Zoom showed how much of a family resemblance there was. Not only that, there were some similar mannerisms and other personality traits.

I can’t explain to you what a change this is for me. I was raised as an only child who always wanted a brother. Now I have a number of brothers and a sister.

Life has changed and this is Good News. Now we just need to get rid of COVID-19 so I can meet them in person.


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