Good News: Amanda’s New Adventure

For the past two years, I have been able to work with my wife Amanda at Queen Street Baptist Church in her role as our outreach pastor. Not only has it been a lot of fun, I don’t know how I could have gotten through those first months of the pandemic and the switch to online services without her.

Amanda is a talented pastor, even though she is still finishing seminary and has not been ordained. She is filled with natural gifts and a passion for God and people.

However, things change when it comes to official positions. Amanda has chosen to accept a position at Southridge Shelter.

This may seem like a change from preaching and leading prayer meetings, but even at QSBC, Amanda’s passion was to work with the marginalized.

Because of COVID-19, we had to scale way back on our outreach to the downtown poor, including the areas that Amanda was giving leadership to. Southridge is equipped to maintain their services, even in pandemic conditions.

While I am sad to not be able to officially work with Amanda, I’m proud of her for taking this big step. I know she will excel at this as she excelled at her ministry at QSBC.


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