This past week, Amanda and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. There is no way that we could describe these past two decades as boring.

We have had some rough times and painful experiences. But we have come out the other side with our love stronger than ever.

In many ways we are having our best our best years (so far) right now. It has been amazing to watch how Amanda has grown over the past couple of years. She is close to getting her Masters in Theological Studies. We had two years working together at Queen Street Baptist Church and now she is doing an amazing job at Southridge Shelter.

But it is not just the things that can go on a resume. It is who Amanda is as a person. She is passionate and compassionate. She is sensitive to vulnerability and a momma bear to protect the ones she loves.

I am so thankful that Amanda and I are able to raise our wacky family together. Happy anniversary to us!

Stephen and Amanda Bedard


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