So this time I would be writing about a somewhat controversial subject; one that has become more like the order of the day especially among the Christian circles… About the ‘Seers’ and their ‘Visions’…
I would also be sharing an experience of mine and would try to drive home a few points afterwards… Please note that this is not intended to be some kind of vote for or against any Prophet or Denomination, neither am I trying to make a doctrine out of the experience I would be sharing… Rather I believe in the principle of truth and balance in all things…
So here goes my story!
Some years ago, just before my hunger for God and spiritual growth took a new turn for good; I had been the kind that was never blown away as much by Prophets nor Prophecies, even though I had some family members who fancy them, to a point that I almost seemed like the only “unbeliever” in the house… Probably wasn’t my fault, I am just not the religious fanatic type!
Well, so I had to attend an interview for a job which would have been a big break for me at the time. I had already passed through the first 2 stages of the process successfully and was to attend the final stage which involved an oral interview to take place at a government establishment in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.
I made the trip to Nigeria’s Capital, Abuja on a Sunday afternoon so as to have my interview Monday the next day, and I was going to stay at my Dad’s friend’s place… Now the below events took place while I was waiting for my Dad’s friend to come pick me up at the public Motor Park just close to a major road with average traffic…
Standing there just minding my business, then some haggard-looking young man with a cross-pendant necklace over his neck and smelling a bit of alcohol passed by me… Then he looked at me and seemed to say some words like I should read some verse in the Bible and what not… In fact being my type I didn’t even care to listen to what he had to say so I walked a bit away from him especially considering the way he looks…
Then he seemed to have left me alone and continued his walk down the road; just for another young man who looked a bit more presentable to walk by me on to the ‘Prophet’ man and he also seemed to be telling him somethings which I sure cared less about; I had a ride to watch out for and an all-important interview tomorrow!
Then suddenly this second young man, started talking to me in a kind of anxious voice asking that we both go after the ‘Prophet’ to tell us more things to help us… He tried persuading me for less than a minute while the ‘Prophet’ was already walking away… And you can imagine my thought of him by then… A hot slap would do probably!… But guess what!
How I began to follow this young man to meet up with the ‘Prophet’ I did not know… But somehow I followed him till we met up with the ‘Prophet’ in a corner near the Motor Park… And that’s where the strangest part began… The ‘Prophet’ was speaking to both me and the other guy; telling stuff about our backgrounds, family and all… But my concern was what exactly was I doing listening to all that? 
Then as if to say the ‘Prophet’ knew my thoughts, he noticed I wasn’t looking convinced enough, so he asked me to spit saliva on my left palm and cover it and he would do some stuff without touching me, and I would find the saliva at the back of my palm… And guess what again?… I followed his instruction strangely and indeed I saw the saliva at the back of my palm as he said… Unbelievable yea!
But apart from the fear that gripped me afterwards; the bigger concern I had was that I would later discover that some of the things which the ‘Prophet’ was saying to me about me were right!
Anyways, long story short, both guys were actually con men who worked together around the town using some diabolic means to rip people of their money and belongings… My saving grace was in my utter confusion when he asked me to drop everything on me and walk down the road and pick up some sand and say ‘the Lord’s prayer’ so I would see who is responsible for all my problems… At this point my Dad’s friend was already calling my phone countless times and the ‘Prophet’ told me to switch off the phone as he was talking about a life and death matter to me…
So in my confusion under his pressure, I tried to walk away from them to find my Dad’s friend then some passersby saw me with them and began shouting they were criminals… To my utter amazement, both young men ran off together across the road, then it dawned on me that I just nearly lost everything on me… My 2 phones in my hand, my credentials in my back bag, my wallet… And it was one unforgettable experience!
Then to add salt to my injury, finally I went for my interview the next day, only to have my interview done around 2AM the next day even though we all arrived at the venue before 8AM the previous day; in other words, I had to sleep over there at the waiting hall… All thanks to “good” organization by that government agency who planned to interview close to 600 candidates in one day… And to worsen my pain, I got a ‘Congratulations’ from the interview panel, but I never got the job!
Pls don’t ask me why! Lol…
Well, that’s my story… So, back to the subject matter and the moral of the story:
Let me begin this way: “Not all that glitters is Gold, and not all that looks good is of God!”
In the times in which we now live; where everyone is desperate for solutions to their many life issues and many more are curious about knowing their past and future… There has never been a time when there is a massive onslaught of ‘wolves in sheep clothing’ than this present days…
I believe in Prophecies and I believe in the Prophetic gift; but the easiest way to be misled may likely be to base your belief or relationship with God solely on prophecies, especially when you are depending on someone else to hear for you or to speak to you…

In light of this, I share below 2 pointers by which a true Prophet and true prophecies may be discerned:

1.   If a prophecy draws you farther away from God rather than strengthening your relationship with God… When you have more of fear and doubt than faith and hope… There you have a red flag!… Scriptures say: “…But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort…” 1Cor.14:3 (NIV)
2.    If a Prophet or prophecy is pointing more to a man or exalting anything else rather than Jesus the Christ… When men are almost being drawn into human worship to a point of almost exalting a man’s words above the written Word the Bible… There you got another red flag!… Scripture says: “…For the essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus…” Rev.19:10 (NLT)
And my point here is… The spirit realm is open to as many as would pay the price to walk in that realm… The same reason the supernatural is also common to other world religions… A knowing of the past or a telling of the future alone would never be enough yardstick to conclude that a man is from the true God… And your ability to discern true from false will only grow better as your relationship with the true God grows deeper…
I have intentionally excluded the popular “By their fruits you shall know them” belief as one of the ways of discerning… Because indeed some false ones may do and show more “good” works than the true ones; while some true ones will bear more wrong fruits character-wise than the false ones, and yet the gift keeps working for as long as God permits!
So I conclude with the below Scripture references: 
“…When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in their local dialect, “These men are gods in human form!” They decided that Barnabas was the Greek god Zeus and that Paul was Hermes, since he was the chief speaker…” 
Acts 14:11 (NLT)

“…But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: “The LORD knows those who are His,” and “All who belong to the LORD must turn away from evil.”…” 
2Tim.2:19 (NLT)
Thanks for sharing with me!