Fear the Walking Dead: Season Five – Review

Fear the Walking Dead has changed so much since its first season. It began with a blended family and a few acquaintances. Now only one person from that family and a few of the rest are still alive. While I liked the early seasons, this new version has really grown on me.

Fear the Walking Dead

This particular season overcame one of the problems of the Walking Dead series. That series got so depressing that it was an emotional chore just to get through an episode.

Fear the Walking Dead has take a different route. This particular season focused on a group of survivors who have committed to making the world a better place. They are not looking to just stay alive themselves but to help others, mostly perfect strangers.

A good message in our current COVID-19 era.

Of course things don’t come easy for the group. Sometimes they are too late and the people are dead. Sometimes the people just don’t want help. Sometimes it takes a while to overcome people’s lack of trust.

Morgan is ever the preacher, trying to keep the people motivated to continue the mission even in discouraging circumstances. He rises to the occasion and gets the group to buy in, even the most skeptical.

Morgan made the hop from the Walking Dead. Also from that series comes Dwight, one of Negan’s henchmen who is on a quest to find his wife. I appreciated the development of his character.

There were lots of plot twists and turns. One was the meltdown of a nuclear power plant which caused all sorts of problems. Another was the introduction of an organization that was well equipped and that was trying to rebuild but with brutal tactics. This is likely the group that took Rick in the Walking Dead and they will be featured in the upcoming movie.

There was another group, with similar motives but not as equipped as the former group, led by the ever-smiling Virginia. She has been described as FTWD’s Negan. That might be a stretch but their encounter with her brought the mostly positive season to a very difficult conclusion.

This was a mostly good season but there was a couple of things that were weak. The “found footage” style made sense since Al is a journalist. It worked for one episode but it ended up getting overused. Plus, they never explained how they made copies of all the tapes for people at the truck stops to watch.

Also there was a lot of new characters added. Some of them very interesting, the Rabbi being one example. That is fine. But not many of the group were killed off. That is the thing that is unique about both Walking Dead series, that even major characters can be killed off at any time. Now we have more characters in the group than we are able to care about.

I did like the fifth season and I’m looking forward to seeing how the group will recover from their encounter with Virginia. And what happened to Morgan?


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