Do All Roads Lead to God?

We live in a society that is no longer monolithic when it comes to religions. There was a day when religious diversity was having Protestants and Roman Catholics together in the same room.

While it is good that we can encounter people with other religious views, this does force us to reflect on how different views relate to one another.

One way is to say that we are all equally correct. But there are problems with that, including for those other religions that claim their own exclusivity.

Marilyn Joy Tyner, who has written a number of apologetics-oriented tracts tackles the question of, Do All Roads Lead to God? in her latest tract.

What I love about Marilyn’s tracts is that she doesn’t just rely on feelings but uses biblical teaching to express her message. In this tract, she demonstrates eight milestones that point to the exclusivity of Jesus.

You can purchase this tract and find more of her work at her website.

Do All Roads Lead to God


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