Deep Space Nine: Seasons Six and Seven – Review

Deep Space Nine really deserves an award for most improved show on television. I watched the last five seasons in less time than it took me to get through the first season.

Deep Space Nine

These seasons continue the Dominion war. Yes it did seem to drag out but that’s what war does. They actually were able to bring in the feel of ongoing and difficult war.

One of the big changes was the death of Jadzia Dax and the introduction of Ezri Dax. I wasn’t sure what to make of Ezri as Jadzi had been such a strong and prominent character.

Another important part was Section 31, an organization that is very important to Star Trek: Discovery. There were some pretty serious ethical questions wrestled with in those episodes.

While the war with the Dominion seemed to be the main issue, at the same time there was a war between the prophets and the pah-wraiths. This conflict was bringing to a conclusion not just the last couple of seasons but the series as a whole.

I ended up loving Deep Space Nine. I never thought I would say that as I struggled through the first couple of seasons. If you have started the series but feel like giving up, push through. It is worth it.


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