CSB Apologetics Study Bible – Review

Christian apologetics need to be closely tied to the Bible. What could be better than an Apologetics Study Bible?

Apologetics Study Bible

This is actually the second version of the Apologetics Study Bible. The first one was based on the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation and the new one based on the Christian Standard Bible. The articles have been updated as well. I have not read the first one and so I cannot comment on how they compare.

Like all study Bibles, it has notes to help explain difficult verses. I will admit that I did not read most of the notes. Although I will say that I looked for notes on some confusing passages and was surprised to find no comments.

In addition to the notes, there are also short sections called “Twisted Scripture.” These are Bible passages that have been used in different ways, often by fringe groups. There are also some short biographies of influential apologists.

What I found most interesting were the articles. These were written by a wide variety of well known apologists. I would say that the quality varied from article to article. There were some that I really disagreed with. But to fair, I wrote an article for the student edition of the Apologetics Study Bible and I know that many would disagree with what I wrote.

There were times that this study Bible, as with much of contemporary apologetics, went for quantity rather than quality of evidence. Sometimes it is better to focus on humble goals.

This is probably not a Bible for the advanced apologist. But it is a great resource for the beginner apologist, as well as the Christian filled with questions who is wondering if anyone is talking about these things.

But as with all study Bibles, we need to remember that the notes and articles are not infallible. That is a mistake that has been made in the past.

It is a good study Bible and the CSB is a good translation.


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