10th Sept 2020

Today I’m joining Grammys grid’s Wednesday Writing Prompt ,

 to write a  story in 98 words to include the word, computer.

Here’s my effort. Hope you enjoy it 

                                           New Beginnings

 Jan stretches, turns off her computer and heads for bed.

  Is that the time, 1.30 am, were we chatting all that time?

 She undresses by the light of the streetlamp. 

She never pulls the curtains, enjoying the night sky and the morning sun 

dancing through the windows.

 She lays awake, thinking.

 If it wasn’t for Covid 19 forcing her to work from home, she’d never have thought of running poetry Zoom meetings. 

It’d become quite lucrative, but more importantly, she met David. Tomorrow I’ll meet him in real life.

I hope… She shivers.  I’ve been alone too long.

98 Words