Changing Our Mind – Review

One of the divisive issues facing the church today is how we respond to the LGBTQ community. There are strong feelings on both sides. Is it even possible for someone to change their mind on this?

Changing Our Mind

Apparently it is possible. David Gushee is a prominent evangelical ethicist. For some time he held to the traditionalist position. But circumstances led Gushee to change his mind and now he holds to a more affirming position.

Is there a place for LGBTQ in the church? Not just to attend, but in membership and ministry? Are there roles that are available or unavailable for those who identify as LGBTQ?

Gushee looks at these questions, looking at the relevant passages, as well as the larger biblical story that helps shapes our interpretation. He weaves into this stories of LGBTQ people and how they helped him see Christian community in fresh ways.

There are people who will not be budged by Gushee’s arguments or moved by his story. Others will be confirmed in what they already believe. But for those who are in the middle, seeking the intersection of grace and truth, this may be an influential book.

One of the things that I appreciated about this book is that Gushee doesn’t give a blanket affirmation of all LGBTQ expression. He argues for the same standard as that of non-LGBTQ, a faithful, committed covenant relationship. There have times I have felt like the affirming side wants to say that all forms of LGBTQ sexual expression should be welcomed.

Why am I reading books like this? I am purposely reading both affirming and non-affirming books to better understand both sides.


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