Can I Believe? – Review

For many Christian apologists, the goal is to prove Christianity true beyond a shadow of a doubt. But perhaps there are some more humble expectations. This is the purpose of John Stackhouse’s new book, Can I Believe?

For some skeptics, the question is not just if Christianity is true but if Christianity should even be considered. Can an intelligent person even think about Christianity?

Stackhouse has taught world religions and he places Christianity in the context of other religions. He looks at the similarities and differences and treats other religions very respectfully.

One of the things that I appreciated about this book is that he doesn’t argue for a specific brand of Christianity but for what C.S. Lewis calles mere Christianity.

He has some very interesting things to say about saving faith. While he holds to a traditional understanding of what it means to be a Christian, he has a wider understanding of what it takes to be saved. Readers may or may not agree with his views.

If you are interested, watch this interview I did with John Stackhouse.


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