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I’ll never forget the first time one of my teens was out at night and had to drive home in a snowstorm. I knew I was supposed to trust God, be at peace, but I knew storms and I knew my teen. And I worried until they got home.

And I remember when my 8 month old was admitted at the hospital when they were not breathing. And when my child was in college and said they felt like they were so depressed they didn’t know if they would make it through the months of work ahead. And the time I heard that my husband had had a wreck with my boys and their friends. Or when death of a loved one entered our doors unexpectedly.

Anxiety is a response to life when it feels dangerous or out of control. We all have many anxious moments in our journeys. It is our heart, soul and mind’s reaction to moments when we feel deep fear, the feeling of being out of control during danger.

Yet, I have learned slowly to move in the direction of trusting God more practically, learning to claim and feel more peaceful in the moment and how to breathe in those moments of such feelings.

Life for all of us is filled with such moments, yet, it really is possible to gain perspective of life in a fallen world, to learn how to practice and get stronger at being courageous and walking with God holding our hands through each time of such dramatic feelings. What an honor it was to discuss these issues with my dear friend and mentor for many years. Today I have the honor of sharing a podcast with my dear friend, Linda Dillow, who authored the book, Calm My Anxious Heart many years ago. Tens of thousands have been helped by this wonderful book. And I would love to provide one of her books for one of you. Just leave a comment on Insta, Facebook or here. In your comment, let me know what ares of anxiety you struggle with the most. I think your comments will help all of us to feel that we are not alone.

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