It’s going to be a busy morning…..and I have much to do.  Today, we will be celebrating Sam’s 68th Birthday!

I’ll be in the kitchen this morning…..Baking a Birthday Cake!!  German Chocolate Cake is a favorite around here……

Here is my husband Sam…..holding the newest member of our family (Emersyn Kate). This rocking chair holds two of my wonderful Loves!

This man is the BEST!  He wins several awards!!🏆
Best Husband, Best Dad, Best Father-in-law, Best Grandfather to our six grandchildren, Best Great Grandfather, Best Friend, Best everything!

These two girls absolutely adore their 68 year YOUNG dad!

I remember when he was just 15…..I loved him then and love him many times more now.  It’s hard to believe that I have been able to celebrate at least 53 of his birthdays with this him!!!

This is how he rolls.   Tea with granddaughters, hunting with grandsons, being ready to do whatever his family wants to do.  Always putting us first.

He’s not big on letting us celebrate him, as he prefers to celebrate others.  But today, we are excited to party with him!!   Wings, Pizza, and his favorite…..German Chocolate cake!!

        Happy Birthday Sam…….💛🎂💛