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The Top 10 Bible Prophesy Stories of 2019 – article published by Prophesy News Watch – link below

Brothers and sisters, folks, whether you are a believer, an unbeliever or a skeptic, the end times Jesus spoke about are approaching relatively quickly.  Look around you, the world is more and more evil and chaotic with each passing day.  I truly believe that the rapture and the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior will happen in our generation.  I know that the Lord tells us that no one knows of the day or the hour, but He tells us to recognize the season we are in.  And so, I implore you, if you are not right with God – if you have not yet repented and accepted His Son, Jesus Christ, into your heart, I would suggest you repent and accept Jesus Christ today.  Even if the Lord were not to return within the coming decades, we must remember that tomorrow is not promised for any of us.  Jesus is the only way to heaven my friends.  He tells us this in John 14:6.  


That being said, allow me to recap the top 10 Bible prophesies being fulfilled in 2019.  Below is a quick snapshot but I would strongly recommend that you click the link above for the full and original news article. Its an easy and great read!

1) Spirit of Antichrist Poured Out Around World

   Anarchy, civil protesting and unrest, mass shootings, lawlessness,  violence, tearing down of traditional values, etc

2) Strong Delusion & Hatred/Rejection of God

   “Drag Queen Story Hour” for children ; 6′ 5″ male wins “Woman of The Week” award ; youth in America and around the world desiring socialism ; Mocking God and His existence ;  mocking God as Creator ; etc

3) Rise In New World Religion 

   God warned His children, true believers, about this through His Word, the Holy Bible.  Folks, a one world government and one world religion is coming soon and the stage is being set right under our noses but many of us are too busy in our day to day lives to realize it or to even pay any mind to it.

4) Increase In Wickedness

voodoo dolls being sold in retail stores now ; spiritualism / occultism on the rise ; retail giants now selling a “Children’s Book of Demons” to teach children how to conjure up demons.  In case you are wondering, none of this is a typo, especially this last point about children’s book – look it up at or

5) Mocking and Scoffing

unbelievers and even so-called Christians who claim to be Christian mock the prophesy of Jesus’ 2nd coming.  They ignorantly, pridefully and arrogantly dismiss the Bible and its accuracy and veracity and consider it myth.  Allow me to remind you that unbelievers and skeptics lean on their own human understanding which is, as we all know, extremely flawed!!!  But God is not flawed.  He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, righteous, just and holy, the Alpha and the Omega Who knows the beginning from the end!  He sent His Son, God in the flesh – Jesus Christ, to die for you and I.  Jesus’ blood washes our sins and provides us eternal salvation for any who accept Him!

6) Christian and Jewish Persecution Increasing Throughout The World

The Bible says that in the last days, the church (true believers of Christ) and the Jews would be persecuted for their faiths

7) The Middle East, The Epicenter of The World Is Becoming More and More Chaotic

Russia, Iran and Turkey are all in Syria now, just outside Israel’s borders much like the book of Ezekiel, Ch 38 & 39 in the Bible describes a last days event called the the Gog of Magog invasion / war.

8) New World Order Agenda Continues To Be Advanced By Globalists

Many progressives in America and around the world continue pushing for a one world government and one world religion.  Pope Francis is one of the leading activists in this movement.

9) Apostasy Is Infiltrating Many Christian Churches in America and Throughout The World

Apostasy is taking hold in many Christian churches.  Churches are caving into movements such as the LGBT agenda among others.  They are not adhering to Biblical values and truths.  They are falling into many of the other delusions that are inspired by and led by Satan himself to tear down the fabric of society

10)  Human Surveillance Is Now Becoming More and More Prevalent

New technologies are permitting governments to track down its citizens more than ever in recent times.  Computer microchips implanted inside one’s hand are already being experimented with and tried in European countries like Sweden.  Even some businesses here in America are already doing microchip trials with some of their employees.  Although this technology might seem to make our lives much more convenient, it will also leave us exposed to constant monitoring by “Big Brother”.  And I would argue the risk of personal identity theft would increase exponentially as the person micro-chipped would be constantly emitting their personal data from their own body during a hacking attempt.   Worse of all, ultimately, this is the kind of technology that will be used by the Antichrist during the Tribulation period to track down all people who do not accept the mark of the beast.


Accept Jesus Christ today!  Surrender your life to Him and He will give you joy and fulfillment beyond all measure and most importantly, He will give you eternal life!


“All honor and glory and praise to The Name above all names, to The One Who reigns on high, to our Creator, our Lord and our Savior, King Jesus Christ!”

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