It’s too late when the temptation to eat hits and I am not ready to deal with it.

When temptation strikes I can give in and then after the fact have regrets, self-condemnation, and resolve to do better next time. But I will most likely repeat the same pattern over and over again. I need to do things differently. Then WHEN the temptations comes (and they will come) I already know what I’m going to do. I’ve got a plan and I am prepared to fight.

The old way of doing it used to be …

I’d get a craving. I’d let myself mull over the idea. Think about the food. Start imagining how it would taste. See it in my mind. Think about the last time I ate it. And sit there and think and think about it. I’d have this little fight in my mind – will I, no I won’t, I want it, no I shouldn’t it. I would just sit and do nothing but have an argument in my head about it. And  then go ahead and give in with the intention that tomorrow I will start again and it will be different next time. I need to change my actions when I get a craving. That is the old way. And I’m sure I’m not the only one!

The new way of doing it now is …

  • Have Bible Verses at the ready to tackle tough times (not relying on me but on God to help)
  • Drop to my knees and get into prayer (thus changing my focus from food to heaven)
  • Bible Verses and Prayer – the combination is a must have in my emergency kit (to break those moments when all I want to do is binge)
  • Don’t just sit there thinking about food and what I want to eat. INSTEAD go into the bedroom (or other private room) and pray it out and take the Bible Verses I already have and get a hold of them
  • If possible have someone to ring up to pray with me if I feel I just can’t get through the temptation on my own. A shoulder to cry on if need it. In my case I can talk it out with my Husband
  • Be prepared to get away from the situation. Get in the car and drive somewhere. Go outside and sit in a chair and appreciate nature; or listen to music. Get up and just walk around for a few minutes. Whatever I need to distract myself and my mind
  • Think of good things that will come as a result of being obedient right there and then
  • Get a hold of the Word until it gets a hold of me
  • Stay in my private place praying and saying my Verses until the temptation passes
  • cry out for help till help comes. God will come. Guaranteed!

There is ALWAYS something we can do to stop a binge disaster. Even if it just to walk out of the room. Don’t live in the moment, but see the big picture and think about the next morning and the disappointment that will come. Take a firm hold of faith in God to help.

Am I prepared for the next time I am tempted?