*(Update). For those that may have already read my post…. My mind must have been in a million places this morning…I originally posted a picture of the wrong lantern.  LOL.  😂😂😂😂.  Glad I noticed!!!!

 We all need to add LIGHT into our lives….especially NOW.  What prompted this post, was a picture that I took this past week.  In the below photo, you will see a picture of an old lantern.  This lantern has been around for a very long time.  

Our oldest daughter and her husband, bought some land a few years ago.  They have since, built their home on this property.  They have a beautiful home surrounded by a huge array of different kinds of trees.

In the exact place where their home sits, there once was an OLD Home Place.  Behind the house and further down in the woods, the people who lived there for MANY, MANY years……discarded their old cans, glass containers, and anything else that they wanted to discard.

Through the years, all of this old stuff has been covered up with growing brush and old leaves.  

Our son-in-law has been working for a couple of years to get this stuff all dug up and the back half off the property cleaned up.  He has found so many things and this old lantern just happened to be one of them.  I know that there had to be other OLD lights before this one, so it makes me wonder if there are more out there!


  As I took the picture, what came to my mind was, HOW MANY NIGHTS DID THIS OLD LANTERN SERVE AS A LIGHT FOR THIS OLD FAMILY? 

It was a light that was greatly needed many years ago.  I’m pretty certain that this one lantern was a great possession during the old days.

To think, that at one time, this old lantern served it’s purpose of giving off light and helping people see at night.  

Today, it might not give off light with a burning wicker, but it gives light in just the beauty of knowing what it is and where it has been. 

We all need Light in our lives!!  Adding light to our spiritual lives is more important now than ever before…and we must let our spiritual light shine.

No doubt, this lantern has Blessed me in my thoughts and in my Thankfullness. I am Thankful for what I have now…..Thankful that Jesus Christ is the Light of my life.