A Prophetic Word to Be Judged

In my prayer time this morning the Lord dictated this message for me to post and for you to judge:
“What I am about to do in this nation, this great nation of America which I love, will cause heads to spin and there will be no denying it was My hand, the very hand of God. Continue to pray and seek Me as you have and I will show you your part as you put one foot in front of the other. I am calling forth many women in this hour and these women, who have been the strength of faith for their families will cause the men to become jealous and take their rightful place as the leaders and protectors of their families.
Warrior spirits are rising up in My men even now. As they see the destruction of the enemy on all the mountains of society, they are growing in righteous anger knowing the hard work of men and women for decades is being destroyed. This impacts their God-given purpose to provide for and protect their families. Many men have been seduced by the enemy of God to take a back seat—to abdicate their roles, but no longer.
Even now with all that is occurring and the enemy’s effort to cause division according to the color of skin, men are stepping into their rightful place of dignity, honor and purpose to provide for and protect their families. Where there has been the greatest disparity in this position and purpose of men, you will see the greatest come back. The aspects of culture that have suffered fatherlessness, is being powerfully restored as I cause people to see the evil that has been perpetrated against them.
The destruction and division attempted by the enemy under the banner of Black Lives Matter, is actually serving to ignite a passion in My black men who can no longer deny My calling them to step up and out of the oppression that has been upon them, even seducing some to victim mentality.
I say NO! My Son has done everything to free all men from all manner of oppression and I command My people to stand tall in their position in Christ. This is not a battle against flesh and blood! This is, and always has been, a battle against good and evil. There are men and women on both sides of this battle. Choose this day who you will serve.”
My heart breaks knowing the enemy is pitting God’s people against one another. He always has but in our current culture it’s increased and tremendously violent. We have the ability to withstand the enemy and turn this situation around, with God’s help. True disciples of Jesus will be known by the love we show one another–to every human being made in God’s image.
I want to know how this word resonates with you. I’d like to know your thoughts and ask you to post your comments below or on the social media posts that lead you here.

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