3 Reasons I Still Write About Apologetics


Apologetics has been a huge part of my faith ever since I made a personal commitment to Jesus in my mid-20s. I have written a lot on Christian apologetics ever since.

While my interests have broadened, especially in the intersection of disabilities, apologetics is still very important to me.

I still hear from some Christian leaders that the time of apologetics is over. I strongly disagree with that.

Here are three reasons why I continue to write about Christian apologetics.

  1. I come from a background of atheism and continues to struggle with doubt for years later. I had very little knowledge of the apologetics resources available (this was pre-internet). I try to write things that would have been helpful to me back then.
  2. I am a pastor. Some people think of me as an apologist, but in many ways I am a pastor who does apologetics. I see Christian apologetics as a part of Christian discipleship. It is a vital part of my calling.
  3. Christian apologetics is not the only type of apologetics that is taking place. Other worldviews are seeking to promote their ideas in compelling ways. I support their right to do that but that also means that Christians need to work to have a seat at the intellectual table.

If you write or blog about Christian apologetics, why do you do it?


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